About Disciple

About Disciple

27th February 2022

Few Words from my Heart

Dada Shyam Friends,

Our beloved Dada Jashan Vaswani is my merciful Spiritual Master. He is a perfect example of simplicity, humility, and love.

Didi Krishna Kumari’s words are like pearls full of wisdom and love, so melodious, spiritual music for every disciple. She spent her whole life in the service of our Beloved Dada and Sadhu Vaswani Mission. Her association with beloved Dada Jashan and our founder Sadhu T L Vaswani has enriched her with spiritual enlightenment.  Her inspirational talk, deep gratitude towards masters, and soul-stirring instances from the life and teachings of Dada are highly inspiring and touch everyone’s heart. 

Beloved Dada is the epitome of love. He taught us to speak the truth always, he stressed purity in life, which is required at all stages. We have been bestowed this human birth to attain God. He taught us to cultivate a deep yearning for the Lord, cling to the real spiritual world, and detach from this materialistic world.

Our founder revered master Sadhu T L Vaswani taught us to have mercy on animals and each one of us must abstain from eating food of violence. If we cannot give life to anyone how we can snatch their life. He advocated women’s power and connecting with divine power.

I am very fortunate to meet my beloved Dada and Didi Krishna when I was 10 years old. Blessings on me and my family are immense, I always felt under his shelter all the time since my childhood. The journey from a small-town Bhopal to Delhi and to London is his immense mercy and blessings.

I would like to share FOUR teachings, Dada urged everyone to follow:

  1. Whatever happens, never forget Naam (Name Divine).
  2. Whatever happens, accept it and keep thanking God. We don’t understand many things and the Beloved Lord wants to educate us in His own way. You may cry and weep but whatever has to happen, will happen.
  3. Bring a smile to the face of someone who is disappointed with life. Why are we here? We are here to help each other.
  4. Don’t be scared of death. Death is a spaceship in which God takes us from one place to another place.

And in his utmost humility, Dada bowed to the Sangat and sought each one’s blessings, saying that “I may have committed many mistakes, I seek forgiveness from you all.” And it brought tears to many eyes.

The respect, love, credibility, and trust I enjoyed from people throughout my journey to date is unbelievable, again it is his immense mercy, otherwise, I deserve the least.

As I celebrate my 50th birthday this year, I would like to seek the blessings of Didi Krishna Kumari and Beloved Dada and dedicate this consolidator website to spread the teachings of my most beloved Didi Krishna and Beloved Dada to my fellow human beings by sharing their teachings, messages captured in Video’s, Devotional Songs and Books.

Jai Gurudeva. Be by me, my family, and your disciples always, bless us so that one day we achieve the real purpose of this human birth .Bless us so that we take baby steps and walk your guided path of truth, forgiveness & humility. One fine day we will reach a stage with your blessings, and you will take us to your shore (Divine kingdom)

Seeking Blessings,

Rajesh Hotchandani


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