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Didi Krishna taught us that our minds are scattered. They are dispersed because they are tainted with desire. We need to purify our minds. We must be on guard against three things that make our minds impure: Love of pleasure, the desire for sense gratification and sense- indulgence, the greed of gold – the desire to amass wealth, and the desire for power – fame, name, publicity, popularity, and earthly greatness. We need to create a balance between need and want.

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Highlights of 2017

With Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani

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Dada J.P Vaswani speaks to Aamir Khan at the Launch of Darshan

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Highlights of 2017 with Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani

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Boman Irani in conversation with Dada J.P. Vaswani

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Healing Body and Mind | Guided Meditation by Dada Vaswani

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Spiritual Rapid Fire - Karan Johar with Dada Vaswani

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Why do we need a Guru - Dada & Ruzbeh in conversation

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